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Kinship has performed with such talents as: Spirit of the West, The Leahy Family, Tom Cochrane, Wide Mouth Mason, Barney  Bental, The Grapes of Wrath, Lace, Lee Aaron  and Willy Nelson.



Currently updating schedule, please check back later....

You can now order Kinship's third CD via e-mail at www.saltspringmusic.com.
Also check out www.celticfestvancouver.com for other cool celtic bands
and the Vancouver Celtic Festival!!!! Kinship is performing March 13th on Granville street.

Support the band and call your local radio station
and request your favorite song.

Power 104.7 at (250) 763 - 1047
Giant FM at (250) 493 - 6767
CBC at (250) 861 - 3781
Kiss FM in Vernon at (250) 548 - 2144
Sun FM at (250) 860 - 8600
Silk FM at (250) 860 - 1010.
Stay tuned for release details and dates

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