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Kinship has performed with such talents as: Spirit of the West, The Leahy Family, Tom Cochrane, Wide Mouth Mason, Barney  Bental, The Grapes of Wrath, Lace, Lee Aaron  and Willy Nelson.


Andrew Hughes

Andrew brings the bagpipes, acoustic guitar and vocals to the stage.  Through his uncanny wit and charisma, Andrew gains the approval of any crowd.  Andrew has his masters degree in Social Work and can be most likely found either baking his skin in the sun aboard his houseboat or causing havoc on the water with his watersport toys.  Along with his bagpipes, Andrew has been known to make some noise with the rumble of his Harley Davidson (a kilted piper on a Harley???  What a picture!!)  He closes with:
"blow it out your bagpipes"

Frank Hughes

Frank has been playing bass for 10 years.  Through his world travels, and life experience, Frank brings a worldliness and underlying 'phatness' typical of most bass players.  Frank is the eldest of the Hughes boys in the band and has been known to fly an airplane or two in his spare time.  He enjoys long walks in the park and is prone to cuddling on the couch (joking)  Frank's experience and strong-will  shows through in the strength behind the music.  
"it's not the years, it's the miles, right Frank?"

Calum Hughes

Calum brings the fiddle, tin whistle and vocals to the stage and is famous for popping up in the crowd unexpectantly.  He has been known to frequent the tops of speakers during live shows and is famous for the 'fiddle chains' that always see to be typical of a Kinship performance.  Calum has is Bachelor of Science from Simon Fraser University and in his spare time can be found helping those less fortunate to walk again, or recover from a heart surgery.  Calum is into anything to do with fitness.  He holds his black belt in Karate and loves anything to do the competition or determination.  The charisma that Calum brings to the stage connects the energy of his brothers to the energy of the crowd.  He closes with:
"We didn't get dressed up for nothing, now let me see you go crazy!!"

Paul Roy

"Peege" plays the mandolin, electric guitar, Bodhran drum, and also sings!!  Paul and the Hughes boys have gone to school together since grade 2.  Paul used to be put to work at the Hughes' resort as a kid, and now we all have to listen to him complain for the rest of our lives!!  Paul's level head and passion for music comes through in teh haunting harmonies and strong electric chords of the Kinship music.  Paul closes with:
"Did I happen to mention the Canadiens beat the Leafs again last night?"

Scott Grant

Scott, being the newest addition to the band brings a fresh energy and drive to every Kinship performance.  Scott has been drumming for as long as he can remember and can honestly admit to never having a job!  This professional seems to tie everything together at every Kinship performance.  Watch out for those flying drum sticks!!  He leaves us with:
"why drive when you can ride your bike?"


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